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Wonderful dance music - you just can't keep your feet still!
(comment by a fan after listening to 'Elemental').
Aardvark is one of the festival's favourite ceilidh band, whose aim is to play in a way that makes the dancers' feet move, is interesting enough to be enjoyed by those not dancing, and is visually interesting.
(Broadstairs folk week 2001)
Aardvark is a folk-rock band, tooled up to provide lively and exciting music for dancing or listening.  Among the most energetic of ceilidh bands on the scene, whether playing electric or acoustic instruments, this band rocks!  The band plays a varied selection of dance tunes, including some original compositions by Pete G.
(Bishop's Castle Folk Festival 2002)
We're delighted to welcome back the Coventry-based band that has provided the music for some of the best festival ceilidhs in Britain, from Broadstairs to Shetland.  The dances are called by melodeon and (hammered) dulcimer-player Pete Grassby, with Colin Halliwell on drums, Martin Trewinnard on bass guitar and Pete Laity on that most traditional of folk instruments - the Fender Stratocaster.  It's going to be a great bop and you know the saying that Aardvark never hurt anybody.
(Brinklow Folk Festival, 2002).
Brilliant - I really enjoyed that.  You took me by surprise!
(dancer's comment after ceilidh at Wadebridge Folk Festival, 2003).
Back by popular demand - and,boy, do we mean popular!  Hard-working, driving rhythms and fun.
(Wadebridge Folk Festival, 2004).
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This band blew the roof of the Community Centre (metaphorically and very nearly literally) giving one of the most amazing performances I have ever seen from a ceilidh band. If Led Zeppelin had decided to go into playing ceilidhs in the early '70s this is what they would have sounded like. It warmed the cockles of an old folk-rockers heart!
(Chester Folk Festival, May 2005)
Where traditional 'Barn Dancing' enters the 21st Century" - And it does it with a bang, well several, following which the electric guitar and ensemble kick in with the melody and your feet leave the floor of their own accord - a Very Good Band.
(Mumpers Ceilidh Club).
I thoroughly enjoyed the fest . . .especially the Aardvark band whipping up a storm on the last night..
(posted by Sieffe LaTrobe, on Auckland Folk Festival 2007 comments page)