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Jan Lucas
Please feel free to download any of these pictures.
We hope you enjoy these pictures.  There is artwork from our albums, 'holiday snaps' of our recent tours - oh, yes, and more pictures of the band.
(Click on any of the pictures for links to larger files.)
Spirit; artwork used on 'Elemental'.
Metal butterfly lands at Ampleforth; artwork used on 'Elemental'.
Devil (after Manriqué), artwork used on 'Elemental'.
Aardvarks at the bandstand, Broadstairs
Pete G. calling a dance in Hamburg, (German tour, August 06).
Sight-seeing along the infamous Reeperbahn, Hamburg, (German tour, August 06).
Craters of the Moon, near Taupo, (New Zealand tour Jan. 07)
Small dog dressed up cute (New Zealand tour Jan. 07)
Alchemical elemental symbols; artwork used on 'Elemental'.
On the autobahn, (German tour, August 06); artwork used on 'Elemental'.
New Zealand view (tour Jan. 07)
Dead tree in hot mud-pool, in Rotorua, (New Zealand tour Jan. 07)
Aeroplane wing over Rockies, USA, (New Zealand tour Jan. 07)
Trees and lake, New Zealand (tour Jan. 07)
Ian playing at the Auckland Festival 2012