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Implemented by
Jan Lucas
Auckland Festival, New Zealand, Jan. 07
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Dance instructions by Pete G, to fit some of the tunes on our CDs.
The Old Aardvark Gallops
(Around the world for sport/Weasel in the grass, 8x48 bar jigs)

Sicilian circle- 1st couple face clockwise
A1) 1st couples take ballroom hold and gallop between the 2nd couples, 8 steps out and 8 steps back.
A2) 2nd couples take ballroom hold and gallop between the 1st couples, 8 steps out and 8 steps back.
B1) Right hand stars 8 steps, left hand stars 8 steps back
B2) Basket (I use a 'Little Christmas' from Irish Set dancing; all put right arm round waist of person next to them, drop left arm around waist of left hand person, and grip the wrist that will be there. Lean back a bit and spin to the LEFT ONLY) 16 steps.
C1) Take partners hand, advance and retire to other couple, 2nd couples arch, 1st couples pass through, (SAY 'HELLO' TO NEW COUPLE)
C2) All swing
Clopton Bridge, by John Chapman (Coconutter's tune, 8x32 bar hornpipe)

Longwise for four couples
A1) Top man and bottom lady link right elbows and hop-step round for 8 steps, then come back linked left elbows.
A2) Bottom man and top lady do the same.
B1) Middle four right-hand star, followed by a left-hand star (using a hop step)
B2) Top couple swing or hop-step down set, all swing after they pass and move up one place.
Waves of Tory (Blarney pilgrim/Pender's fen, 8x48 bar jigs)

5 couple longways
A1) All hold hands in line, advance and retire, (four steps) 1st and 2nd couples Right hand star, 3rd &4th couples RHS, 5th couple Right hand turn
A2) All hold hands in line, advance and retire as before, left hand stars and left hand turn for no.5.
B1) Top couple take hands and gallop down the middle and back then-
B2) cast away from partner, down the outside and make an arch at the bottom. All follow-the-leader, around and up through the arch (progression)
C1&2) New top couple face down; others face up, all holding nearest hands. Dip and Dive figure; Rule 1- always go under from the end. Rule 2-when you get to the end turn back until you are where you started the figure. Rule 3- keep moving under/over until you have completed the move, and there should be time for a short swing.
Right Said Fred the Needle (Lunch at the Pub, 6x32 bar hornpipe)

Longwise for 5/6 couples
A1) Hold Hands in line and bottom couple hold hands to form a horseshoe shape. Top 2 men raise an arch, head lady leads a 'thread the needle' through and round back to place.
A2) Still in a horseshoe, first 2 ladies arch, head man leads line through.
B1&2) Top couple face each other, all others face up towards band. Top couple start a 'Grand chain', giving right then left hands. When they reach the bottom of the set they make an arch. For the others, when you meet your partner at the top cross to other side of set. When you run out of people continue down around the arch, come up through it to place and swing to end on your own side.
Thomas Green has also provided clear instructions for a good selection of dances, including some we use, which can be found at:
The tunes on our CDs are all recorded at dance length and speed.  The following dance instructions (and tune suggestions) are taken from the sleeve notes to 'Elemental'