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Please, feel free to download any of these tracks.
Technical stuff:
We have uploaded the music as mp3 files.  These are compressed from the original wave files on the CDs, for faster downloading, but this causes some loss in sound quality.  (The CDs sound better - honest!)  Nevertheless, downloading might take a significant time if you have a slow internet connection.  So the 'small' files are shorter and more heavily compressed, in case you are using a 'dial-up' connection.
You can also download mp3 files of Aardvarks tracks from:
Tracks from 'Elemental' (FSCD 76)
Haste to the wedding (trad.) - out on the ocean (trad.)
Small (807 kB)
Large (3.26 MB)
Around the world for sport (trad.)
Small (474 kB)
The Nut Tree (M. Fry)
The Aardvark Ceilidh Band has undergone a considerable evolution during the five years since our first album was released. While the main influences of Pete G and Pete L were clearly evident, 'The Pleasures of the Town' also represented a 'family album' of the numerous musicians who had worked with the band over the years. By contrast, this second album represents a closer collaboration between the four elemental components that now constitute the Aardvark Ceilidh Band.
Tracks from 'Pleasures of the Town' (FSCD 54)
House Calliope (D. Richardson) - Donegal lasses (M. Cunningham)
Small (636 kB)
Shetland (trad.) - Easy club (trad.)
Small (839 kB)
Speed the plough (trad.)
Small (482 kB)
Small (675 kB)
Gorman's reel (trad.)
Small (631 kB)
Both albums were recorded at Noisegate studio, Leamington Spa.
Both CDs are also available from the Aardvark Ceilidh Band, at gigs,
from all good record stores (and, probably, a few dodgy ones)
or from: Roots Records On-line:
'Elemental' is available by mail-order from Pete Grassby.
22 Derwent Road, Coventry, CV6 2HB

Please, send your postal address and  a cheque for  £13.00 (includes post and packing), made payable to: Pete Grassby.