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The Aardvarks have established a reputation for delivering traditional dance music in a high-energy style.  Whether playing acoustic or electric instruments, this band rocks!
Pete Grassby - melodeons, hammered dulcimer, vocals, calling:
Pete G. is a fine musician and singer, in his own right (e.g. Sidmouth competition winner 1993 and well-known as a solo performer at clubs and festivals around the UK and abroad).  The founder member of Aardvark, Pete collects many tunes and dances during his travels and brings them to the band.  He also plays for and dances with Coventry Morris and has been known to call for other bands.
Click here to view Pete Grassby's website
Ian Hartland guitars, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, vocals:
Ian has joined the band with his vast experience and multiple stringed instruments. For many years a member of the Harvesters with his wife, Sue, Ian sings, dances and plays Guitars, Bouzouki, 10- and 12-stringed Citterns, Mandolin, Dulcimer and a wicked Old-Time Fiddle, and he runs the occasional Marathon! He is also part of another Ceilidh Band, Reel To Reel, based in his home village of Harbury.
Martin Trewinnard - bass, flute, whistles, vocals:
Martin has played with several other ceilidh bands during his performing career. He is a versatile multi-instrumentalist (concertina, various wind instruments, guitars etc.) but mainly provides the bass in Aardvark.  Like Pete G, Martin plays and dances for Coventry Morris.
Colin Halliwell - percussion:
Colin is widely known on the folk-dance circuit, having 'served his apprenticeship' with other ceilidh bands over many years, before joining Aardvark on drums and percussion.